Company Background

Two things are true. 3-D printing is the future, and 3-D printing is incredibly expensive!

We all long for the bespoke capabilities of a 3-D printer but monetary restraints leave mass production as the only fiscal option.

R3 Printing believes they can bring the customizable power of 3-D printing to the masses. Their cutting edge technology makes 3-D printing costs competitive with mass production.

The Future of R3 Printing

The 3-D printing market is projected to reach $24B in revenue by 2022 and jump to $36B by 2024.  

From their compact design to their user-friendly interface, R3 printing is primed to hit that sweet spot of being both functional and cost effective.  

R3 Printing has also partnered with Modularity Space, a Florida-based aerospace company on the cutting edge of scalable satellite and spacecraft technology. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. Booming market: 3-D printing is set to be a $36B industry by 20204.
  2. They found the sweet spot: They’ve developed a product that’s both functional and economical so no longer does that need to be a binary choice. 
  3. Partnerships: From partnerships with the US Air Force to multiple on-demand manufacturing companies, R3 Printing is very well connected. 

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