Company Background

While hard seltzers have been around for years (anyone remember Zima?), newer companies like White Claw and Truly have caused the bubbly, alcoholic beverage to soar in popularity. In fact, in 2019, hard seltzer sales grew by almost 227%. Since then, the hard seltzer market continues to grow as people emerge from their homes for the first time since the pandemic began, ready to drink hard seltzer at the beach, the park, and the bars in larger amounts than ever before.

These days you can’t go to a grocery or liquor store without seeing at least half a dozen different kinds of hard seltzers on the shelf. So how can a newer company set to IPO in the near future compete against some of the biggest players in the beverage alcohol space? Meet Elephant Craft Hard Seltzer, a seltzer company that’s dedicated to seriously strong, passionately crafted seltzer that’s harder, healthier, and happier.



After operating in the beer industry for over 25, the founders of Elephant Craft Hard Seltzer noticed the impending boom of the hard seltzer market but were incredibly disappointed with the quality of options available to the average consumer. Here’s the problem in their own words:

They were all skinny, white cans with Black Cherry or Mango flavor profiles, at 5% or lower Alc/vol. No one was creating anything new or trying to explore what you could do with this beautiful beverage. Instead, they were just hitting copy + paste in a feeble effort to steal some market share without any real effort.”

Instead, Elephant Craft Hard Seltzer decided to brew using only high-quality, real ingredients; resulting in delicious flavors that pack a punch! With a brand inspired by the African elephant, a core part of its mission is to take care of the Earth by supporting vulnerable species on the verge of extinction. Their mission is to do good, make good, and be good in all that they do.

The Future of Franshares

Currently, their products are in development and they expect to launch their first SKUs in 2021. In year one, they plan to explore and dominate the DTC and potential self-distribution environment in Southern California. In fact, two facilities in Southern California are already onboard with producing Elephant Craft Hard Seltzer. 

In year two, they plan to expand to three new markets: Arizona, Nevada, and Northern California while also exploring the idea of seltzer bars. Eventually, they aim to build deep and local, as opposed to an immediate shotgun, national approach. Elephant Craft Hard Seltzer has the potential to majorly disrupt the seltzer industry with its genuine and local approach.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. Elephant Craft Hard Seltzer beverages are healthier, using only real ingredients, and harder, with an ABV at 6.5%, which is a lot higher than most seltzers on the market.
  2. It is now estimated that seltzer’s revenue will reach $14.5 billion by 2026. Elephant Craft Hard Seltzer aims to create diversification in the market by creating a unique craft, hard seltzer using real fruits and ingredients. 
  3. Their socially responsible brand is focused on making our product locally and then giving back globally by donating a portion of their sales to conservation efforts around the world.

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