Company Background

AI and machine learning are rapidly changing the makeup of our workforce.  In order to keep up, workers must be constantly investing in how they can develop their talents and acquire new skills.  

Sure, there are countless platforms out there that offer virtual content, but they all have the same Achilles heel.  Time.  

Learning and development are quite often pushed to off work hours and that quickly becomes a diminishing resource as our lives continue to fill up with, well, life.  

Homeroom believes that when it comes to professional development, a little goes a long way.  

More accurately, ensuring that the “little” in question is the right kind of bit-sized “little” content is really the x-factor in growth.  

Homeroom has created a platform that recommends strategic content in a manageable amount (think articles instead of books) that is laser-focused on helping the individual grow in their career.


The Future of Homeroom

In order to ensure the most strategic roll out, Homeroom has chosen to start with a single career vertical (Project Managers) in hopes of working out all the kinks needed to scale across the career spectrum. 

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of: 

  1. The right team: Lead team members include folks from Cisco, Digital Ocean, and Princeton. 
  2. Early adopters: Beta requests have come from people at companies like Google, Linkedin, and Twitter. 
  3. Growing Market: The e-learning market is set to reach $109B by 2025.

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