Company Background

The whole process of car repair can feel like tourture.  The back and forth of scheduling and dropping off the car and then needing to arrange for a ride home and then back again or aimlessly sticking around while repairs are done… the whole process can feel as tedious as a root canal.  

In the day and age where all other types of services are done completely online, it’s about time someone brought that type of experience to the auto repair market.  

Enter Shyft Auto.  Their SaaS platform has made it possible for shops to offer contactless service.  

Now getting your car fix can be as easy as buying some pad thai on DoorDash.  

Now repair shops have the means to come to you, creating both ease of use and fostering customer loyalty.  It’s a win win!!

The Future of Shyft Auto

Through their partnership with a major oil company, Shyft Auto’s pilot program helped that company see a 120% increase in revenue.  

Shyft Auto hopes to scale their success by adding 2000 auto repair shops within the next 5 years.

What Interested Investors Need to Know

Three things that investors should take note of:

  1. Huge Market: The auto repair industry generated $515B in revenue in 2019 alone.  
  2. Opportunity: 89% of customers would choose a valet style service if it was available to them.  
  3. Timing: with the Covid pandemic, there is a heightened need for contactless services.

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